when people call their followers fans


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how the hell do i talk to people

Stand in front of them and press A

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Social anxiety isn’t “omg I hate people lol I wish I was sleeping and watching netflix!” It’s “I want desperately to be able to hang out with people but I hate the feeling of sheer panic and fear I get around them so I don’t / can’t and it eats away at me every day so I end up just staying home and say I’m sleeping or watching something”

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If you ever feel bad just remeber there is a gif of me floating around tumblr of when I was 8 and I sat on the escalator and knocked down a table of jewelry at macys

would this be it?

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You never realize how boring your life is until someone asks what you do for fun.

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  • me: im adorable like im literally the cutest person in every room i walk into
  • me 4 seconds later: behold the trash lord
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